I worked under Niki for a little under a year at 51Blocks. She was a fantastic manager – not only a great team player but really took on her leadership role with dedication, compassion and understanding. Niki was never too busy to help with a problem and always assisted with a smile on her face. She is patient, kind and supportive while also making sure to give her direct reports a chance to be challenged and to grow. Her ability to multitask many different projects while staying cool, calm and collected is a quality I have always aimed to achieve. Niki has taught me everything I know about SEO and those skills have helped me in many different areas of my personal and professional life. Any company or team would be blessed to have her.

Noelle Novakovich
Noelle reported directly to Niki

During our time together at 51Blocks, Niki was a fantastic colleague. Her knowledge of the space and her organizational skills were unmatched and I was lucky to have her as someone I could lean on when I needed help.

Ryan Fitzgerald
Content Manager at 51 Blocks

I could say a lot about the specific details of the work we’ve done with Niki. But I could probably say much the same about a lot of people in her field. What I can not say about other people in her same field is the extent to which Niki has gone with us to ensure that not only is our problem solved, but that we are left understanding the key elements of the issue and how we can avoid the same issue in the future. Now that is service! Niki troubleshoots for us, strategizes with us and offers her expertise in a calm, encouraging way. Oh… and she’s nice. What more could we ask for!

Jeni Grouws
Station Manager KDEC
Jeni Managed Niki directly

I hired Niki near the beginning of 2017 to do some ongoing web design work on my professional portfolio. I’m a journalist, but not a very tech-savvy one–at least not as it concerns web design. I’m glad I found Niki to add to and enhance the presentation of my portfolio. She’s done great work and I’ll certainly continue to use her!

Russ Espinoza