SEO Coaching

SEO Coaching

There is no doubt that SEO can be overwhelming. There are few college or university courses in learning about SEO. Most SEO’s are self taught and learn from trial and error. I’ve been doing SEO for over a decade and know that sometimes it can be really helpful to have some to ask questions to, review deliverables, review your resume or just “talk shop”. I’m experienced in both technical and local SEO, mostly agency side with a variety of clients, so I can lend support in most areas.

One of my favorite things about the SEO community is the willingness to share information. I love helping businesses understand why SEO is valuable to their marketing efforts and I especially love helping other SEO’s in their career journey. This is where SEO coaching comes in. An SEO coaching arrangement with me allows for you to have access to an experienced SEO to help with whatever SEO questions you might have. Wondering how SEO coaching could benefit you? This <a href=””>blog post</a> should help answer some of those questions for you.


My goal is for SEO coaching to be as accessible as possible for anyone who could benefit from. You might just have a few particular questions that we can walk through in two hours. Or maybe you’re a junior SEO and really want to be ready to apply for a more senior role in the next few months. Whatever your situation, I would love to help coach you in the right direction!

SEO Coaching Session One Time

This one time session is great for people who have very specific questions
$ 350 USD
  • 1 - 1 Hour video call with recording
  • Email support for follow up questions for 1 month after the the call
  • 20% discount on any addtional sessions purchased within a year of the first.

SEO Coaching Intensive

This 6 month SEO coaching intensive is perfect for someone looking for 1:1's or someone to bounce ideas off of. This is great if you're just starting out in your SEO career
$ 250 USD A month
  • 3 - 30 min coaching video calls a month (recorded)
  • 2 - deliverables reviewed a month
  • Access to private Slack channel with Niki and other coaching clients *Number of coaching clients may vary