Making Moves – Agency SEO to In-House SEO

I’ve been doing SEO for 11 years. A majority of that time has been spent at digital marketing agencies. I’ve grown leaps and bounds in my knowledge, skills and confidence in my time at agencies. Recently, the opportunity presented itself for me to make the jump to an in-house role. Starting this week, I’ll be the Head of SEO & Content at AgentSync, a tech startup here in the Denver area. There are definitely some nervous feelings but I’m mostly excited. 

In my opinion, starting out agency side for SEO’s a great way to learn. There is so much exposure to different types of clients, different verticals and all kinds of SEO issues. Being agency side also gives exposure to other digital marketing channels which is very helpful in being a well rounded SEO. I definitely would not feel equipped to make the move to in-house SEO if it weren’t for time spend agency side. 

There are things I will for sure miss about not working at digital marketing agency. I’ll miss being surrounded by other people doing the same and who speak the same “language”. I’ll miss the opportunities to mentor and teach my co-workers and to learn from them. While clients and the client management side of things was definitely something that caused me a bit of burnout, I will miss the relationship side of working with clients. 

The move to in-house SEO definitely has me excited for a lot things. I’m really excited for the opportunity to focus on one website, one brand. I’m looking forward to the challenges and opportunity of growing the visibility and traffic for the website. And I’m really excited to be a part of company at this stage in the game. 

I’ve had some requests to write about the process as I transition from an agency SEO to an in-house SEO. I’ll definitely try my best to stay on top of that and share what I learn along the way. Meanwhile, the brilliant Kevin Indig, has also written a great post on mastering the art of in-house SEO

One benefit for me personally in making the move to in-house SEO, is the ability to grow my own brand and my side hustle. Taking on a few side projects, especially with a Local SEO focus or SEO coaching/mentoring are things I’m especially excited about. I don’t have a ton of bandwidth for new projects currently but don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help with anything!