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I’ve been doing SEO for over 10 years. Freelancing and working at the agency level has exposed me to a variety of clients across many verticals. I’m one of those “weird” SEO’s that enjoys both technical and local SEO. I also enjoy sharing my SEO knowledge and can be found speaking at local meetups or conferences. 

*All tweets and blog posts are my own thoughts.

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Technical SEO

Having a website that is accessible for search engine crawlers and users and has a strong technical foundation, is crucial to getting the traffic and conversions you want.

Local SEO

Your Google My Business listing and local visibility is key if you want customers to come into your location. We can help make sure that you are found when people are looking for you.

SEO Consulting

Knowing how to prioritize for SEO success can be overwhelming. We can help strategize the best approach for your business to help improve your search visibility and meet your goals.